La calidad, nos pega en los genes. Psicología Evolutiva y Marketing aplicado.


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Evolutionary psychology explains why it continues to “hit” to show the quality of the products when we communicate in marketing.

We have always sought to understand the reason for the behavior of individuals and what makes shoppers decide to consume one product or another, and thus plan the best strategy for our customers from marketing.

It turns out that the subject seems much more “genetic”.

Evolutionary Psychology studies how human behaviors have evolved over time to adapt to the selective pressures of the environment, in the context of consumerism and marketing.

Evolutionary psychology can explain why consumers make certain purchasing decisions and how those of us who plan Marketing Strategies can use this knowledge to create more effective advertising campaigns.

Basically, Evolutionary Psychology (EP) tells us that the way to demonstrate our genetic abilities in order to be the best at providing food and shelter and, in this way, be evaluated as the best at The ability to survive, and therefore, reproduce, came to be measured in our prehistoric and subconscious brain, by the quality of the products we can buy.

We can see this irrefutable example in the “peacocks” or peacocks, who have evolved to have more exotic feathers and longer tails to attract more the opposite sex, be able to reproduce and transmit their “plumage” genes. ” exotic to the following generations.

This is how a more expensive car, a brand-name watch or even an exotic vacation are what will determine, compared to the other specimens of our same sex, who is the one with the greatest capacity and turns out to be the best option for the other. person we want to attract.

Who best explains it is Geoffrey Miller. An expert in evolutionary psychology and author of the book “Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior” (a book that we strongly recommend reading).

According to Miller, humans have an innate tendency to consume goods and services to signal their social status to other members of the group and thereby improve their chances of mating and reproduction.

In addition, Miller suggests that consumption can also be a way to demonstrate attractive personality traits, such as intelligence, creativity, and good taste, to attract more friends and potential suitors or partners.

In the context of marketing, the EP analyzes that brands can use strategies for brands, which focus on the show-off of the social status that their products bring and how these can improve the perception of the consumer’s personality . Explain why it works for a luxury watch brand to use celebrities and famous athletes in their ads to demonstrate the social status associated with owning what is being sold.

It is common in marketing that status is used to promote products and services by associating influencers and celebrities who are perceived to have a high social status, which perfectly explains the trend that we are seeing growing year after year with influencers on social networks. social networks.

The marketing strategy, based on highlighting the status granted by the service or product we are selling, works for genetic reasons.

It is ironic to think that we have gone so far in the study and development of consumer theories, and that Evolutionary Psychology ends up giving us the explanation of why we consume, reminding us of something as visceral and basic as the survival instinct within our habitat. since the beginning of societies, and that what we are really doing is looking for a way to show our hunting skills, to attract partners and gatherers, go shopping, to be chosen and thus transfer our genes and ensure the preservation of our race.

We traveled a lot to end up realizing that we had to pay more attention to where we started as humans.

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