Tattoo, el nuevo personal brand.

We believe that all roads lead us to Rome. Tattoos have become part of our way of achieving a Personal Brand. The sophistication and mutations of behaviors in social cultures are just ways to incorporate differences in expressing who we are and thus connect with the right individuals who help us and facilitate increasing our […]

Top of mind, make me up

Achieving the consumer’s top of mind is the dream of all brands and people. Adjusting to the parameters of social beauty was always something that worried us and, to a much greater extent, we were busy doing. Kant states that “beauty is a social convention”, a standard defined by our culture. Proof of this are […]

NEOTENIA. Objeto de Seducción

Neoteny, or neotonia, is a term that refers to the retention of juvenile traits in the appearance and behavior of an adult. We have found unique characters in marketing strategies that seek to move people. Today what we have closest at hand to demonstrate the validity of this are the cute kittens that continue to […]

Revolución del modelo de motivación.

Revolution (or evolution?) is the context in which companies find themselves today thanks to the changing and constant modification of the environment. Technological advances that transform our work models and our daily tasks have made us realize that none of us is developing professionally in the way we thought we were going to. Or are […]

El marketing de Status. Necesidad básica

In Marketing Sales Strategies we all know that nobody has the recipe that can be applied to every product or service. The truth is that creating a Marketing Strategy and achieving effective and accurate communication, which reaches the ear (or sight) of our target audience at the right moment, is something that takes time, work, […]

La calidad, nos pega en los genes. Psicología Evolutiva y Marketing aplicado.

Evolutionary psychology explains why it continues to “hit” to show the quality of the products when we communicate in marketing. We have always sought to understand the reason for the behavior of individuals and what makes shoppers decide to consume one product or another, and thus plan the best strategy for our customers from marketing. […]